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As I get older I am starting to become more and more health conscious of what ingredients are in my products. I do this with my food so why wouldn’t I do this with what I am putting on my face/body? What really drew me to Yes To was their motto of fresh and clean ingredients making their products 95% natural and their price point being super affordable.  Natural ingredients at Affordable prices? YES please! 

What Yes To refuses to use in their products:

They are all about saying YES, but there are some things that they very clearly say NO to. They include: parabens, chemical sunscreens, and other potentially harmful ingredients.

This inspired me to want to team up with Yes To and give their products a try. I tried their Vitamin C glow-boosting paper mask, sleep and calm mask, comforting mud cotton mask, Vitamin C glow-boosting mud mask, and their latest charcoal exfoliating wipes. 

When I attended New York Fashion Week this September, I decided to take along my Yes To masks and exfoliating wipes to use while on the road because of all the outdoor elements of the city, exhaust, and pollution in the air that can come from the stresses of traveling or from staying in new places.

New York Fashion Week was a great success and I couldn’t have had the best trip without my Yes To products. When I travel it is hard to bring all of my facial creams and cleansers with me because they take up so much space, so getting the opportunity to use Yes To facial masks and exfoliating charcoal wipes to help keep my skin hydrated and radiant in between shows and events was just the thing. I think what I loved most about them aside from them being accessible and containing 95% natural ingredients was how easy they are to use and how relaxing they felt. When you are on the go and have to move in the fast lane Yes To products saved me! I stayed in New York for a week and I found that these masks were just what I needed, with the masks coming in easy compact packaging, I could just throw it in my bag and go which I think is super important. Yes To has become my main go to!


The second thing that I really loved about these masks were the feel of massive hydration after putting it on, I felt like my face got an injection of water that was desperately needed and after the use of each mask my skin was left feeling soft and vibrant.

When I had the opportunity to use their charcoal exfoliating wipes, I was also blown away. They designed an all black wipe that helps remove makeup while also exfoliating. I am always looking for any opportunity to have options for an all in one product, so these wipes were phenomenal for me.

When I was on the go to each event and fashion show I was confident that my skin was looking vibrant and hydrated during my week long stay in the big apple.


Yes To was established in 2006 and has been spreading the word about their 95% natural ingredient products.  The whole idea behind Yes To was to find natural ingredients at affordable pricing that also impacted women. Their motto: “By working along side women and aligning with like-minded organizations, Yes To will help change the way women find and radiate true happiness. Creating communities of healthy happy women.” 

Yes To believes that they are taking out the bad ingredients and putting in the good ones. Not only do they produce high quality products, their natural standard is based upon leading standards globally, such as the Natural Products Association and Whole Foods.  How cool is that? Also, all of their product fragrances are all certified by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). The library of IFRA certified fragrance ingredients can be found on their website.



All of Yes To products are made with at least 95% NATURAL ingredients, and you can tell the exact percentage on the front of each package. So what exactly is a natural ingredient? Natural ingredients are those that come from or are made from a renewable resource found in nature (Flora, Fauna, Mineral). ALSO, YesTo is Cruelty-Free and a certified member of the Leaping Bunny Program. All of their products are tested on Yes To employees, friends and family, but never (ever) on animals.

Aside from facial masks and charcoal wipes Yes To has a wide variety of products you can use.

To check out their website and get your own Yes To products to try out CLICK HERE

Products by Yes To:






Photography by: Lauren B. Scott Studios

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