What is Beauty?

The definition of beauty – “a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.”

Everyone has a different idea of what is beautiful to them, and everyone perceives their own beauty related qualities in a different way. What we believe about ourselves is not necessarily what others believe about us.

Not matter what, we must remember that what we radiate out into the world – regardless of what we look like or how we perceive ourselves affects how we feel on the inside.

Doing things that make you happy can also make you feel beautiful such as doing your makeup, wearing those statement stilettos that make you want to walk the streets like a runway, doing your hair, taking a bubble bath, or buying a new outfit. There are so many different ideas that can draw your attention to feeling beautiful within yourself.

Dove did this amazing commercial on beauty called, Dove Real Beauty SketchesDove took different women into a room with an artist who sketched their portrait without even looking at them. By the words of their own self-description the artist drew what he was described. Afterwards another woman entered the room and she was asked to describe the previous woman to him [artist] in her own words.

When you see the two different images of the same person, the one who described herself and the one who had seen her in the waiting room, the end results of the sketches are totally different. The woman who described herself to the artist resulted in a un-proportioned and not-so-pretty final drawing, while the image told by the complete strange came out beautiful and naturally proportioned. This is a perfect example of how we are our own worst critics.

Stay positive and true to yourself, you are what you make it.

Watch the Dove Real Beauty Sketches video below.


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