Travertine Influencer Event

I had the opportunity to attend an influencer event with Travertine Spa Collection, creator of natural and organic body and skincare products. This company has been around for 17 years and they do their research when finding the proper ingreidents to put in their products. I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner about his line and I was quite impressed with what goes in to each product.

For me, It’s hard to find scented products that are not too overbearing with the strong fragrance scent meaning, the scent is so strong it starts to make you feel nauseated. What I really enjoyed the most about Travertine products was the light scent to each product and how light weight everything was. They have a full line of skincare and body products so it was hard to choose from their amazing selection, but I ended up going with the organic facial toner, lavender linen spray (which I also use in my car to tackle the stressful days), and their eucalyptus shower spray.           

( Please note: Eucalyptus is a the one I felt had a little stronger scent so I would advise using a very small amount a little goes a long way, still very nice though and relaxing.)

These products are a must try. I have been using them and have really been enjoying them in my day-to-days. If you are interested in purchasing from Travertine be sure to use my checkout code: STYLE10 to receive 10% OFF your first purchase. (Offer ends 3/17/17)

Facial Toner $22.00  Eucalyptus Shower Spray $15.00 and Lavender Linen Spray $14.00

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