Tobi Style Basics


We all have those go to pieces that make styling for your day easy and effortless. I recently found these three pieces from Tobi that I felt were the perfect items for this time of year as the weather continues to stay cold.

The Classic Trench

This Tobi Elizabeth trench coat although over-sized is actually my favorite piece from their online store. I like it because I can wear it to have more of a casual vibe or I can dress it up to have a dressy chic vibe, which I always look for in clothing pieces. Having items with more than just one look and feel is key and is a must have in your closet.


The Over-Sized Sweater

How awesome is it to be able to through on an over-sized sweater and stay fashionable yet comfortable? This red Tobi Time Will Tell Asymmetrical sweater is so fun and festive, when I style it I love the feeling of comfortable meeting style.

IMG_3928_EDIT 2

An Easy Everyday Dress

What I love about this purple wrap dress is the sweater-like material, I think what I enjoy about this dress the most is being able to wear it in warm to cold weather. It was freezing in Utah, where I was visiting recently and I loved that I could throw it on, add high boots to it and a long coat and have a warm stylish look without having to wear a pant look.

IMG_2152 2IMG_3437_EDIT

To shop these styles or to see more from Tobi click HERE to enter their full site.

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