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It’s here! The birds are singing, the grass is green, the flowers are in bloom… Spring is here!  For me, there is just something about freshening up your space, and clearing out the old to make room for the new around this time of the season. When I thought about tidying up my apartment, the first thing that came to mind was WISH. Wish, is an amazing site that offers high quality products at affordable prices in just about every area such as fashion, beauty, tech, home and lifestyle. So, when it came time to think about organizing my space, Wish was the perfect helper to get me started. Not to mention the shipping time was so fast and easy with alerts as to when the product was going to arrive.

The process was simple, I had three main areas and a special drawer that I wanted to focus for organizing and tidying up my space this season. My kitchen pantry, my refrigerator, my tv area in my living room, and my underwear drawer. I needed help because basically everything looked like it had exploded when I attempted to get anything out of any area. For my living room it was my current bin storage that was so unflattering with cords sticking out everywhere from the tv; my pantry just had stacks of food everywhere with no system or function along with my refrigerator; and lastly, the underwear drawer, this also looked as if everything exploded when I tried to find things. It has definitely been long overdue to tidy up and organize these spaces in my home.

What I Found in More Detail

Overall, I knew that in all areas I wanted cute, functional storage. For my kitchen pantry, I think we can all relate that as we start to add more and more items to cook with ( and I am gluten free so I cook with tons of different flours ) it just gets overwhelming to cook and try to find anything easily and effortlessly. I spent more time looking for items than actually cooking. For my pantry, I found the cutest mini jars and being that I live in an apartment, space is limited, so these size jar containers were the perfect find! I then found more containers that came in functional sizing with small and larger sizes and they are also stackable and come with labels.  So, again a perfect find for a smaller space and function.

Moving onto the refrigerator, ugh, this space is so hard to organize sometimes! My husband and I tend to stack and stack. We also find that our apartment fridge is so limited to just the two bins on the bottom which leaves everything just so free and loose on top. I knew instantly after seeing these mini fridge drawers that we had to have them. I knew then that those big chunky drawers on the bottom had no dividers, so I found an awesome insert divider for one of the drawers making dividing up our food so much easier and functional.

Spring cleaning, tidying up

Next, moving on to the living area space. This was a space that was bothering me for such a long time. My husband and I had to compromise on the type of shelving/table we were going to have under the tv. I wanted something that had storage and a backing so that you wouldn’t see the cords. My husband wanted just plain shelves ( which I disagreed with wholeheartedly, ha ha.)  I found shelving with legs that we could basically compromise on, but the problem was those cords could still be seen from every angle. So when I went on the Wish site, I found some amazing reversible Velcro cord covers to make it look great and not look so busy, but actually simple and clean and I found some awesome stackable drawers that fit perfectly under the tv stand.

Lastly, the underwear drawer. After watching the Netflix original series Tidying up with Marie Kondo, I saw her use cubbies for underwear storage and after finding them on Wish, I knew it was meant for me! Super easy to roll and stuff into and fitted effortlessly in the drawer space.


The Big Reveal // Before and After


Shazo Airtight Container Set for Food Storage – 8 Piece Set + FREE 18 Chalkboard Labels – Strong Heavy Duty Plastic – $44 (click HERE for more details).

Ripple Food Storage Small Glass Jar Canister with Airtight Lid- $22 (click HERE for more details).

Kitchen organizing

Living Room

Simple Houseware Stackable Under Sink Cabinet Sliding Basket Organizer Drawer, Bronze- $30 (click HERE for more details).

118 Inch Velcro Cable Management Neoprene Cord Cover Sleeve Wire Hider Concealer -$13 (click HERE for more details).

livingroom organization


5 Grid Plastic Underwear Bras Sock Ties Organizer Storage Box- $3  (click HERE for more details)

Dresser organization


Home Kitchen Fridge Space Saver Organizer Slide Under Shelf Rack Storage Holder- $8 (click HERE for more details).

Kitchen Organizer Storage Rack Shelf Slide Fridge Freezer Space Saver Holder Drawer- $6 (click HERE for more details).

Fridge organization

Fridge organization

If you are looking for an affordable way to tidy up your space, Wish is such a perfect site to get everything you need! Click here to start shopping on Wish! Be sure to use my special code STYLETRULY15 for 15%OFF at check out. (15% off discount valid from 3/27/19- 4/16/19)

This post is sponsored by Wish. All opinions and ideas are my own. 

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