This Summer’s It Shoe Brand: Bueno Footwear

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Finding a versatile, fashion-forward and COMFORTABLE shoe was always a mission for me. I feel like so many shoes I have had in the past have provided me the classic and so called “break in” period, making it so my poor feet go through the torture stage of blisters on my toes and the famous rubbing on the back of the heel that eventually cuts your skin open and you then need to use a Band-Aid for a week just to wear a pair a cute pair of shoes and this happens in heels or flats! Who can totally relate?

I honestly used to think this was shoe life and this is what you had to go through just to wear a cute pair of shoes. I used to tell myself that “pain is beauty.”  Well, NOT ANYMORE! After learning about a shoe line called Bueno Footwear it  changed my shoe game for life. The moment I put on a pair of Bueno shoes, I was so happily surprised how SOFT the leather was and comfortable they felt.  And when I started to regularly walk around with them on, I couldn’t believe there were no cuts or blisters from the so called “break in” period.  They were NORMAL and comfortable, just how a shoes are supposed to be when you first get them.

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The Secret to Such Comfortable Shoes

So what is the secret to these beautiful shoes? Well, it is the way they are made, and the time that goes into each Bueno shoe.  According to Bueno, the balance of style and comfort is achieved with hand-worked buttery (AND OMG IT IS PURE BUTTER) leathers, soft supple linings, and artistic silhouettes.

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Anytime I can find a comfortable shoe that I can wear with a dress, skirt or pants, and achieve the chic fashion-forward look that I am going for, it is a must in my book, or should I say closet!? My husband HATES it, I mean really hates it when we go out and I wear an uncomfortable pair of shoes because I walk slow (more like limp) and I am in pain the whole evening. When we went out last weekend, he asked me the infamous husband question, “Are you sure you want to wear those shoes?” Well,  I was wearing my Bueno pair, so YES! It made going out so much more fun, just being able to enjoy the day together and not me having to lug an extra pair of shoes in my bag or standing in utter pain to get through our date night.

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Bueno Shoes have many different Summer sandal styles and the two I had the privilege of Styling are the Zola heeled sandals in tan and the Janet flat shoes in pale pink. For a limited time, Bueno Footwear is offering 20% OFF your first purchase now through July 31st! Just use my special discount code STEFANIE20 at checkout.


This post is sponsored by Bueno Footwear All opinions and ideas are my own. 


  1. June 19, 2019 / 2:16 am

    Super cute! Those look so comfy but very trendy and I love all the outfits.

    • styletruly
      June 19, 2019 / 2:30 am

      Thank you! They are super comfortable 🤗

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