The Perfect Little Black Pant

In my experience, working in the fashion industry over the last 10 years and understanding the ins and outs of the clothing manufacturing process on what actually makes your clothing sizing, creates a game changer for true fit. Did you know that when creating any clothing all brands have fit models for each size, so they measure and create each fit around other women’s measurements and call that a S, M, L, XL. So, in essence, we as consumers, are forced to fit into sizes initially created for another person. This is why I never look at clothing sizes as “true sizes.”  If I am a large in something or a small or medium in something else, it is because my body type has to fit, in essence, the initial sizing of someone else.

Photography by: Lauren B. Scott Studios

Photography by: Lauren B. Scott Studios

I always thought to myself if I could be like Kate Middleton and have all my clothes altered and designed for my body type then all my clothing would be spot on too!

Pant shopping, I don’t know about you, but it is so unbelievably frustrating. I usually have the issue of the waist fitting perfectly, but the legs are baggy, or the legs and butt fit perfectly, but I can’t button it at my waist. Well, the frustration is now OVER, I am so excited to have teamed up with a brand called The Little Black Pant. I have to be honest, I was a little nervous to order pants online and have them actually fit. I went to their site and in just three steps, I was on my way to having the perfect pair of pants actually designed for me. When I received them, I was shocked at how perfect they fit to my body. The fabric quality is phenomenal, the level of comfort is crazy good, and they claim the fit is guaranteed. These pants live up to their guarantee!

Behind The Little Black Pant and CEO Founder

“I’ve studied over 60,000 women’s bodies to create this world patented fit system. My dream is to have many brands adopt Fitlogic into their clothing so you never have to try on pants again. My daughter Natasha created this pant as a simple solution to fit all shapes, sizes and heights so that you could get your size and shape”.  – Cricket Lee CEO and Founder

The Little Black Pant is made with beautiful twill fabric that’s easy to wash and wear, and comes in three different styles; The Classic Straight Cut, Ankle Slim Cut, and the Crop Pant Cut. You can wear them to work, on the weekend, or for an evening out. These pants are perfect in every way, not just because they are well made with great fabric, but because the fit is Guaranteed!

Photography by: Lauren B. Scott Studios

Photography by: Lauren B. Scott Studios

Clothing details:

·       Poly/Rayon/Spandex

·       4% stretch, not made as a “skinny pant” to fit skin-tight (unless that’s how you want to wear it)

·       Sizes 0-18 in 3 shapes

·       Quality twill fabric in poly-rayon-spandex

·       Dress pants (not skin tight) sit 1 1/2″ below waist

·       Cold water wash and lay flat to dry or dry-clean

·       Easy care and wrinkle resistant

Photography by: Lauren B. Scott Studios

Photography by: Lauren B. Scott Studios

How to get your own pair

Head over to The Little Black Pant website by CLICKING HERE and answering a few easy questions and then receive your perfect pair of pants. Use my special discount code at check out to receive 20% OFF your first purchase! CODE: STYLETRULY

Photography by: Lauren B. Scott Studios and Michelle Raymundo


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