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Summer is finally here! Time for warm sunny days and the perfect statement pieces to create your fashion looks. Having an easy go-to bag is essential for me, especially when I am traveling. Not only is finding that perfect on-the-go bag essential, but it is also finding the perfect one that is transitional with all my different fashion looks. My two main go-to bags are from TAH Bags, their Everyday Clutch and their Worker Traveler Tote.

When it comes to TAH, you honestly can’t go wrong with any bag, they bridge the gap between luxury craftsmanship and thoughtful functionality. What makes TAH bags so unique is the design process and just the right amount of detail and thought that goes into each piece. Designer Angelina Marie really keeps women in mind when creating her luxury bags with the multitude of necessities women require. The quality and craftsmanship of each piece is also phenomenal (Click here to learn more).

My Travel Needs

TAH’s Worker Traveler Tote is my lifesaver, it makes travel a little more bearable. I use it anytime I travel or when I need to work remotely. It is the best carry-on tote, it comfortably fits under the seat on an airplane and it fits absolutely everything I need… from my computer to a change of shoes. I think my favorite thing about it is that I can still stay trendy and fashion-forward when I travel. It is truly my everything bag. And I have to mention, it is a large travel tote, so BONUS.

Zara red jacket

Worker Travler Tote Bag

Nude Trench Coat

The Perfect Black Clutch

The Everyday Clutch really lives up to its name, it is the best all-in-one multi-purpose clutch that I have seen in the fashion world that turns into a shoulder bag as well as a back pack. I love how it fits everything I need, I can even fit my iPad in it!

Everyday clutch

To learn more about TAH bags click HERE.

To see how I styled both these bags in New York for fashion week click HERE and to see how I styled their perfect Mini bag click HERE.

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  1. Emily
    June 23, 2018 / 6:45 am

    I love this look! That travel bag looks amazing and I love your hat and red jacket!

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