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The Fun in the Sun, Summer themed Babble Boxx!

For those of you who are not familiar, BabbleBoxx is an exclusive invite-only, co-sampling box, sent to influencers to theme full size product samples for multiple different brands.

This month’s box includes five of the best picked brands for pool, beach and play. This box inspires me to get outside by the pool and puts me in the summer feel mood.

Summer box breakdown:

Pure Leaf

The two teas in this Summer filled box are part of the Pure Leaf Tea House Collection. The flavors I received are the Spiced Chai with Organic Black Tea and Strawberry & Garden Mint.

I think it is fun to switch up flavors with the change of each season and there is something about these two scents that put you in the perfect mood for the Summer vibe season!

If you love a subtle hint of sweetness, then these flavors are perfect for you. I prefer un-sweetened or lightly sweetened tea and find that these two flavors are just right for me.  Lightly sweet, but not overly sugar tasting, which I love!

I am a personal fan of Pure Leaf, it is my iced tea of choice when I am on the go. Trying these two flavors from their Tea House Collection has been exciting for me and I will be looking out for these flavors when I am out and about!

 Flavor breakdown:

Strawberry and Garden Mint

Two of my all time favorite ingredients for Summer! This is an organic black tea with strawberry and mint flavors added.  Mint and strawberries go with everything and leave you feeling refreshed for Summer.  I love the hint of sweetness from the strawberry and subtle kick of mint when this tea hits my taste buds. I am going to be drinking this all season long and will be serving it to my guests when hosting them by the pool.

Spiced Chai

This is an organic black tea spiced chai and it has a unique spiced flavor full of a blend of aromatic spices that was carefully selected by the Pure Leaf tea masters! If you are a fan of spiced latte then this is the perfect flavor for you! It tastes just like a spiced chai latte, but more subtle and less sweet, which I really like. Definitely a nice spiced flavor for Summer!

To view more flavors from the Pure Leaf’s Tea House Collection CLICK HERE and to see what fun drink recipes you can create with their different flavors. CLICK HERE for their iced tea recipes!

 Cavit Rose

Cavit is America’s #1 Italian wine and their Rosé wine is a limited edition summer wine  made with raspberry, strawberry, cherry and watermelon with a blend of red grapes. I am a pescitarian and I love how it tastes when it is paired with fish.

I was really intrigued to learn more about Cavit and their brand. I learned that they put a lot of thought and care into their packaging process and they really keep the environment in mind.  Their commitment includes sustainability, they power 66% of their electricity by solar panels on top of their warehouses, they use re-usable bottles to bottle all of their wine, and they pack all of their bottles in 99% recycled cardboard.

Click HERE to learn more about Cavit Wines.

Coobie Seamless Bras

Coobie bras are very nicely made and designed. I got two different styles, both with no wire, and one with all lace material and the other is a nice polyester, slightly padded front with a simple lace band back. Unfortunately, I have a bigger bust so it is a bit difficult to wear on its own while keeping myself all intact. I did love doubling up with the lace bra for a lower cut dress or a top that I layered. I wore it on top of my main bra and it was perfect. I have always loved these lace- type bras and it was nice to be able to pair one with my polka-dot dress look.

Nude Lace Bra

Black bra with lace back

I am a 34DD, so I liked wearing the all black one with slight padding around the house and with my pajamas for a comfortable fit. I would personall wear this type of bra on an airplane for travel or around the house because it is comfortable and not so constricting compared to my wire bra. To try your own Coobie style use code: BAB30 to receive 30% off any order! Valid until June 2019.

Colleen Rothschild

Trying out new skincare lines is something that I love to do. I think there is something about staying trendy with your moisturizers and serums that makes an impact on your skincare routine since formulations are constantly changing and advancing. I thought that the beauty mist was so refreshing and hydrating with a delicate scent to help with me throughout my day. The second item I received in the box was their facial cream. I really liked the scent and consistency of this cream. I felt it was a nice night time treatment moisturizer.

For more info on beauty water click HERE

For more info on Sheer Renewal cream click HERE

Be sure to also use discount code BOXX20 at check out – valid for 20% off all regular priced items.

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

I don’t eat much dairy anymore, but I love Mochi ice cream. This is probably one of my favorite types of ice cream and the My/Mo brand is so good. What I was most excited about was that they actually had a dairy free option available and it’s so delicious, all of the dough on the outer side of the ice cream is gluten free. My/Mo dairy free tastes just like the original mocha dairy filled ice cream. So good.

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