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I have always been a pretty good sleeper, in that I was sleeping 6-8 hours and thinking I was rested. Wow, was I wrong!

I have chronic fatigue, so feeling tired has been pretty much the norm in my life these days (or so I thought). After the pandemic happened, my sleep schedule became super off; I was going to bed at 1AM or as late as 3AM, and I would sleep until about 9AM or 10AM. When I have those types of sleepless moments, I always like to reach for something more natural to fall asleep with.  When I came across Proper and learned about all the wonderful things their company offers their customers, I knew it was a sleeping pill I wanted to try!

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Proper Breakdown

Proper is a Holistic Sleep Solution backed by scientific-backed supplements + personalized coaching for holistic, long-term sleep health.

Proper is different from other sleep solutions on the market. The brand works with scientists and data on all of their products and uses natural, clean ingredients that have all been tested to actually work like they say they do!

What makes Proper unique is that they don’t just sell you a sleep solution and call it a day. They actually care about your sleep and want to help you with your sleep journey. So when you buy sleep supplements from Proper you can also sign up with one of their expert Coach sessions to move your sleep journey further along and to not only sleep but find the root of the WHY you can’t sleep with expert action plans to try before bedtime.

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I had the opportunity to try Proper’s Sleep and Restore formulation. I was so excited because their formula for this particular sleeping pill was perfect for me. It includes both standard AND extended-release melatonin to really help you fall asleep and STAY asleep – which was a HUGE game changer for me!

My husband Cole has always had major sleeping problems, so we decided to try Proper together. The first night Cole and I took it, we fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep through the night. When we woke up, we actually felt rested, and not as if someone had drugged us to sleep with that groggy hangover feeling. After taking it for almost a month, we have seen a drastic improvement in our sleeping habits and through coaching, I fully understand the root of my sleeping problem.

Coaching Sessions

For a limited time only, Proper will be offering coaching sessions with a supplement subscription. The coaching sessions were so easy and painless to sign up for and attend. You answer a few questions about your sleep history and any concerns you have, and they provide you with a calendar where you pick the person and date/time that works best for you. They email you a confirmation and a Zoom link, that’s it! So seamless and easy.

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I had the pleasure of working with Jen. She was so warm and kind from the beginning and genuinely cared about my sleep issues. The call was 30 minutes and in that time I felt like I had so many ideas on how to tackle my sleep and actually enjoy a “restful” night’s sleep, AKA REM sleep. She also left me with certain tools I can use to help me get there. Jen explained that I’m not getting REM sleep, which is why I am not feeling well-rested and rejuvenated, and in addition having chronic fatigue has definitely played a part in me feeling so so tired. After our 30 minute call, Jen sent me my Proper sleep action plan to follow, and it has been helping me. It was wonderful how she shaped my nighttime routine around me and things I like to do, such as ideas for meditation, and gratitude practices. This felt very catered to me. See below a snip example of my sleep action plan.

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30 Day Update

After staying on Proper and using their Sleep + Restore formulation that helps me sleep and get back into my natural sleep cycle, I have been feeling more and more rested and rejuvenated after sleep. Which has been a huge game-changer for me having chronic fatigue. I haven’t been feeling run down during the day, and find myself not needing to grab my third cup of coffee just to get through the day.

Their coaching action plan has also helped me stay on an easy nighttime routine to support me in a night of restful sleep.

Sustainable Packaging

Another wonderful thing about Proper and a HUGE reason why I wanted to try this brand is their approach to sustainable packaging. You can refill their glass bottles with their subscription refill supplement packs, and their cardboard boxes that you can recycle.

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Proper Product Breakdown

I tried the Sleep + Restore and this particular one is the only one with melatonin. Proper has created 5 supplement formulations, designed for different sleep needs. See below the different formulation options Proper offers. If you are interested in learning more about Proper,  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THEIR SITE!

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This post is sponsored by Proper. All opinions and ideas are my own. 

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