Product Review: L.A.B2 Beauty Brushes- I’m Turning Pro Kit

I love coming across new products, recently I tried the I’m Turning Pro Starter Kit from L.A.B. 2 Beauty Brushes. This kit is everything you need to start contouring like a pro, with their labeled brushes it makes application a breeze. And trust me when I say, there is makeup products but then there are the tools you use to apply them and if they are not top notch then the expensive makeup you bought wont reach tis full potential on your skin.

L.A.B. 2 Beauty Brushes are made with FiberLuxe™ Technology, specially designed with the softest and highest quality filaments. These brushes look and feel like professional makeup brushes but at an affordable price. I have to say that these are my new go-to brushes for my makeup application needs.


What I really like the most about my L.A.B 2 Brushes are the labels on the actual brushes to make sure that you are using the appropriate brush when applying your make-up. L.A.B. 2  helps you achieve the appropriate look you are trying to go for, not always knowing what brush to use sometimes can not give you the look you were originally trying to get, so it is helpful to have labels so you don’t need to even think about it, you just glance down grab the assigned brush and apply! Making application time also not take as long.

According to L.A.B. 2 Beauty their brushes “provide; Superior pigment pick-up and release, even color distribution, precise makeup application, flawless, and professional results.” I would have to say that I 100% agree, not only did my makeup go on smooth and effortless but it lasted longer than usual.

I’m turning pro kit comes with all the brushes you need for your daily makeup application . This kit is equipped with 4 brushes; Contour Brush, Buffing Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, and a Foundation brush.



Foundation Brush– Provides smooth, streak-free coverage with liquid foundation or concealer.

Foundation Brush– Provides full coverage powder application and softens harsh lines for an airbrushed effect.

Contour Brush– Sculpts, contours and highlights facial features for subtle definition.

Eyeshadow BrushShades and defines eyes with an even application of color.

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