New Year-New Start

Hello lovlies-

Welcome to Style Truly. My name is Stefanie McKim Eastburn, this is my official first blog post of 2017.  I felt that it was time to freshen things up a bit as I moved into the new year, so I went to the drawing board and that’s when Style Truly was created. So a little about me, I am a fashion/beauty industry professional working in the creative corporate world, originally from Michigan and have been in Los Angeles for the last 9 years, I am a newly-wed and have been a fashion and beauty lover for as long as I can remember, literally, it began in 4th grade for me. I saw my first fashion runway show and it was pretty much love at first sight. Over time I have incorporated home design and have gotten to know more about beauty products and have been passionate about the whole package. 

 As the years have moved on I have started to incorporate my love for fashion and beauty products and have been able to evolve my passion and incorporate balance and wellness into my daily life, such as yoga, healing crystals, meditation, and essential oils (aromatherapy). When you stop, breath, and give thanks, amazing things can happen. 

It’s funny how a lot of things change over the years as you grow and overcome your own obstacles, to gain some fresh perspective. Recently, my out-look on life has changed, I had a lot of loss in 2016 and have come into the light of new perspective. The best outlook on life is YOLO ( You only live once) so I thought to myself why not start fresh and bring a new flair to fashion, beauty, and add in ideas of wellness and balance to the mix.

Style Truly is a blog that is all about my life from fashion, beauty, and anything lifestyle along the way. This blog will give you insight to beauty trends, fashion ideas, along with my personal style. I am excited for this beautiful new year 2017, I can’t wait to share this blog with all of you and I hope that you will take this journey with me and enjoy!



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