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Moon cycles are very special. Did you know that where there is a New Moon there is an opportunity to set your intentions for the moon cycle? Your wishes, dreams, goals anything that you want to set into motion and put out into the universe. I came across this book by Jan Spiller called New Moon Astrology, it really changed my life, in terms of what I wanted to attract into my life and how I wanted to set my intentions and goals.

How Does it Work?

With each New Moon you get to write down 10 wishes or goals for each power day that you want to set into motion for that moon cycle, each moon month is assigned with a zodiac sign and where there is a zodiac link to the New Moon those are the strongest times to wish for specific areas you want to attract into your life. For example, this New Moon is in Aquarius the best time to include; Inventive solutions, seeing the future, humanitarian attitudes, revelations, humor, friends, and Avoiding excessive detachment. Now if you are not drawn to any of these for this New Moon no worries, you don’t have to wish according to these ideas it’s just the best time to add to your 10 wish list. This is your time, and you can wish whatever you are needing.

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There are specific times that are the best for each cycle, but truly I think if you are able to do it before bed and in a cleared and calm space for yourself to unwind after work, this is ok too. I have done both ways and haven’t really found a difference. Today’s New Moon’s best time is 4:00PM according to my moon book incase you wanted to do it by the book. So set your space and make it calm. I like to light some candles, clear my space with sage and put on some nice music prior to moon journaling.

It’s time to get your journal. For New Moon wishing they must be handwritten on paper, not typed on a phone of computer. Not sure why, those are just the rules, and what Jan Spiller tells us we need to do. So go online or to your nearest store and really find a journal that makes you feel good. A journal that puts you in a happy mood. When you are thinking about your wishes, it’s all in the wording when you jot them down.

“They must be clearly stated so that the “feeling” behind the wishes come through the words. Use your intention. If, after you have written down a wish, and it feels “right” to you and evokes feelings of harmony and happiness, your wish is ” on target”. However, if it doesn’t “feel right”, I would suggest changing the wording or even waiting until a different time to make that particular wish.” – Jan Spiller

As each month moves into New Moon cycles, you may want to continue writing down the same wishes and putting them out into the universe those are the best practices, to really making your wishes come true. However, “as the energy of each month changes, and as your own life progresses and your areas of focus change, you may find that on some power days you are inclined to focus on shifting one or two areas very strongly. In other months it may seem more appropriate to wish for changes and improvement in diverse areas of your life.”- Jan Spiller

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Wish Format Examples

When starting 10 wishes here are some examples directly from New Moon Astrology book.

“For example, if a person is facing money problems, an affirmation might be, “I am abundant now.” A wish addressing the condition timed with new moon astrology might be: ” I want to easily find myself attracting lots of money in a happy way.” – Jan Spiller 

Some more wording examples…

” I want to easily find myself….”

“I want…”

“I Intend….”

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Good luck and happy wishing. I hope all your dreams come true. Please feel free to comment any questions you may have or DM me on Instagram. I will try to get to all of them in a timely manor. I have also added the link to this book HERE incase you want to pick up your own copy. It’s a great read. I will be doing New Moon cycles each month so feel free to check back here as well for each New Moon on fun ideas and inspiration.


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