My Favorite Summer Look under $55

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Finding the right clothing that makes you feel complete is a special moment…especially when we save money in the process. I feel like when we shop its a circle, a catch 21 if you will. We purchase something to make ourselves feel good and happy but then after we walk out of the store we immediately start feeling the famous buyers remorse. How many of you can relate?

When I was shopping around trying to plan this shoot, I kept a couple of factors in mind. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, and I wanted to purchase something that I could transition into seasons. A lot of the clothing I buy I always keep this in mind. When I found this dress, hat, and earrings for under $55.00, I was so pleased with how it turned out and how they have become some of my favorite go-styles.

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So lets talk about the dress! This dark rose color is going to be a trend this fall season, so I immediately was drawn to it and loved the style. This dress is going to look fabulous with a trench jacket and boots for fall, and I am even contemplating adding a scarf to the mix. This dress is from Forever 21, and it was only $39.90. (linked below this article)

The HAT… my favorite accessory of choice as most of you know, was a fantastic find for me.  When I was in the store and asked the sales associate to take it down for me, it was to my surprise that it was only…wait for it…. $8.00 original priced at $20. My mouth dropped! I tried it on, loved it, and I was sold. This hat is also from Forever 21. ( linked below)

coral pink dress, forever 21 dress, womens summer style, fashion blogger, knit dress

Lastly, we must talk about the earrings. I went to the jewelry stand in the store and was drawn to these awesome gold square earrings. It was to my surprise when I was checking out, the sales associate told me they were… again wait for it… $0.50. I was, again mind blown!

I not only felt awesome because I was excited about my new pieces to add in my wardrobe, but I was also not feeling guilty for buying them. It was all in all a great shopping day to say the least. Thank you universe! Sometimes we can find the best pieces and not have to spend an arm and a leg, try going into a lower priced store and see what you can find. It’s also very fun sometimes to search for pieces and also very creative.

I have linked the styles below as well as similar pieces.

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Dress: Forever 21 // Hat: Forever (similar) // Earrings: Forever 21 (similar) (similar)



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