My Favorite Sage Green Suit For Spring

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Sage green suit, fashion ideas, style finds, style ideas

sage green, sage green suit, fashion ideas, style ideas, womens suit,

I am all about muted colors this season and have noticed the trend of the beautiful muted sage green color. When I found this suit I knew I was in love and felt it to be the perfect suit as we shift into Spring. Those of you who follow my Instagram page may have noticed a special piece that keeps popping up in my looks… the classic black round tote bag, it is my favorite go-to piece. The shape is so chic and timeless that I always find it goes with my looks effortlessly. With addition to this perfect round shaped bag I have also enjoyed pairing it with my white round sunglasses, this combo is both so easy and effortless which makes them to be the perfect go-to accessories for me.

I think what makes this look not only easy but fashion forward is the multiple different options on how you can wear this suit. I decided to switch things up and added a belt for one of the style ideas for this look. It really helps create a different look/feel and I am going to start doing this with a lot of my suits.

Crystal of The Month

As we approached the New Year there have been some fun additions to the Style Truly page and one of them being a look inspired by a crystal I am focusing on for the month. Creating the Crystal of the Month section to my page.

For this new month of March I was really inspired by this sage green suit and then found that I was really drawn to this crystal the last few weeks as February started to come to an end, so that is why I felt it to be the perfect crystal to focus on for the month of March. The new crystal of the month is… drum roll please… Green Fluorite! So what makes Green Fluorite the perfect stone to focus on? Fluorite is the ultimate stone for focus. It supports good brain function and releases mind fogginess. Fluorite allows you to open to new knowledge and stimulates learning and the mental body, while also enhancing memory and decision making. This stone also supports you to gain a clear perspective when experiencing emotional confusion and balances the mind and mental body.

So this month lets stay positive and focused. Be sure to check out my Instagram page every Monday ( feel free to stop by more than just on Mondays 🙂 ) I do an intention card pick to set our intentions for the week, so stop by and pick a card!


In case you missed last months Crystal of the Month, Last month (February) we focused on Kyanite- the crystal of letting go. This crystal helps promote letting go of dormant emotions, feelings, and energy that have been held within the energy field and physical body. Kyanite is inviting you to open and receive its powerful energy as you let go and surrender to all that no longer serves you in your life.

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