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I had the opportunity to team up again with Armitron watches while I was in New York for the September Fashion Week Shows. While traveling to and from each show and event, this brand was my major go-to favorite. Armitron watches are seriously amazing along with their brand history. I always like to pick Armitron styles when I am creating my fashion looks because as timeless as this brand is, each style is unique in its own way, and I can transition their pieces rather easily when going from a day to night look. I love that I can keep my accessory the same even when my outfit changes. I appreciate things that are effortless and easy while also staying fashion-forward. When I am on the go and especially when I am traveling, Armitron always delivers on this for me. 

Watch History

“Since 1956, Armitron has embodied and nurtured the spirit of individuality. Since pioneering many of the first affordable digital wrist watches, it has been Armitron’s mission to make stylish, functional timepieces accessible to every person.” You can honestly say that this watch brand is “timeless.” Armitron has withstood the test of time and evolving fashion. The way they can move with the times of fashion trends changing every year with ease and fashion forward design is pure magic.

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Photography by: 

“A Story of One Watch with Many Faces.”- Armitron

According to Amitron, “Many brands seek to be aspirational. But, through our community of wearers and responsible corporate actions, Armitron is inspirational and empowers each wearer to tell their own story through color, design, and functionality. A story not bound by borders or defined by demographics.”  I believe that is what fashion truly is, a sense of style with no limitations or boundaries. You can simply be you and show the world who you are through your own of style without judgment. 

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When I was attending different shows and events, I was so glad I had my Armitron with me. It is as if I was bringing to life a sense of vintage time with a fashion forward design in our modern world, with it’s unique history. To learn more and to check out more of their styles CLICK HERE.


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