All Black

Having style or what I like to call “having your own flair” is about what creations you piece together.  You can take your fashion look to a whole new level, there are no limits. I love creating a chic look without having to spend a lot of money.  Don’t get me wrong splurging on those special high-end luxury items, such as Chanel, is of course a special treasure to add to any look, but a lot of times I am on a budget and have to be creative on each piece to add and maintain that chic high-end look. I think what makes fashion come to life is your style and what creations you add.

I tend to shop at Forever 21 and H & M to achieve my high-end looks. There are so many pieces that give you that easy, high-fashion look.

In this look, I have put together an  H & M all cotton dress with a long flowing cardigan. I kept the accessories simple and added my pearl earrings, my Chanelsunglasses, and my big tote bag.  To this look, I added a pair of ankle boots from Banana Republic; creating the perfect chic Fall/Winter look.

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