Functionality Meets Style

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DSC_3563_EDIT.jpgFunctionality and fashion forward, those are the two perfect combinations when looking for the ideal bag to incorporate into your everyday life. For most of us our handbags are not just a bag to carry, but a bag that carries all of our daily needs with us and lets face it, we need functional space without having to sacrifice the style. There are those times when all I want when I travel is a nice small clutch/bag that I can put what I need in it, use it with styling different outfits and still be able to fit it in my big carryon tote bag without having to lug 3 big bags with me on my trip. Or when I am going to dinner or shopping, I want a nice sized bag that is not the size of a luggage carryon but a nice size that fits the things I need and also has some fashion forward like-ness to it.

IMG_4517When I found TAH Bags and had the opportunity to team up with them, I have never been able to look at another handbag the same since, it is by far the best quality, best style, and the design was created with women in mind. The two new bags I got the pleasure of styling and using on my holiday trips was the Perfect mini and the travel wallet. When I had these two bags with me, it was the best feeling to have a small item of what I needed when boarding the plane and then being able to use it when I went shopping or went out on the town, without having to affect my luggage packing. Most of you who read my articles know that when I travel ( Unless traveling to Fashion Week) I am always trying to fit all the things I need in just one carry on bag. I hate checking my bags, and have big huge luggage’s to lug around with me, I like small, easy, and functional. ( And yes, still with some simple style)IMG_4514

The Travel Wallet Breakdown


I secretly call this wallet, “the miracle wallet.” It is the coolest design I have seen out there. On one side of the bag, AKA, the front, it has an easy accessible hidden flap that when you open it has your wallet needs, you put your credit cards, ID, money and anything card related in there, then you have the center for actual clutch use for keys, your phone, makeup…and an extra pocket in the back. This design can be either a clutch with a wristlet or an over the shoulder bag!


The Perfect Mini Breakdown


Even the name is so cute, The Perfect Mini and it really is perfect. First of all the red is such a cute shade and I normally always go for the black or cream bags so I wanted to have a nice fun POP of color in my wardrobe and found that it was exactly what I was looking for. There are two big pockets on either side of the bag where I put my phone and then in the center it is a big space to fit anything you need and have two other pockets inside. It has been my go to when running errands or going out with the husband. To shop these beautiful bags and to see more CLICK HERE.


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