DIY Beauty Routine: Crystal and Essential Oil Facial


What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are herb-based oils that provide amazing benefits for your all over wellbeing. The company Young Living is probably one of the best options to get them because if you are not careful not all essential oil companies use all natural ingredients which over time are not good for you due to bad quality oils containing chemicals in their blends. What makes Young Living unique and my number one option is due to their organic herb farming and distillation operation. Essential oils can help with relaxation, cleaning, they help purify the air, some can relax your mind and body and some are anti-aging and antifungals. The list is endless!

What are Healing Crystals?

Healing Crystals are so spectacular. I use them in all aspects of my life, I wear them to accessories; I sleep with them by my bedside, I have them on my work desk, I keep them in my car, There are so many different ideas behind crystals. In a nut shell healing crystals are all about maintaining positive energy and act as a constant reminder to keep adding positivity in your everyday life. Each crystal means something different things you are looking to achieve or have more of in your life. There are thousands of crystals to choose from!

Give yourself an easy DIY Crystal facial: 

WARNING- (Be sure to ALWAYS read the bottle on ALL your essential oils, some brands do not allow skin contact, I would look into Young Living essential oils for this facial.)

Optional- It is said that you should always cleanse the energy around you in order to get your crystals to reflect positive energy. I would recommend spraying your area with rose or lavender water. If you have lavender oil add some water and you can create your own DYI lavender spray. Simply put a few drops of essential oil and water into a glass only spray bottle spray around your space and yourself and you are all set to go.  

Lets get started: How and What you will need:

  1. Wash your crystals off with water to make sure they are clean. (make sure the crystals used can get wet)
  2. Start your normal face routine and wash with a gentle cleanser. Next, when going to apply your night cream or day cream ( you can do either nighttime or morning) Infuse your skin with the essential oil Frankincense by mixing in a few drops thoroughly into your moisturizer before apply any essential oil to your skin.
  3. Find a relaxing place to lye down either your bed or a yoga mat will work perfect, whatever makes you feel the most relaxed.
  4. Place crystals on your face in the designed spots shown for about 15-20min. I would recommend aiming for 15 minutes or so if you have never meditated before.

Top Two Crystal Facials- Stress Be Gone and Anti-aging

There are two crystal facials I highly recommend because they go hand and hand. We all tend to hold emotion in our faces, we show expressions when we talk, when we are happy, sad, or mad and although it takes a while to start showing on your skin, it can creep up on you before you know it so prevention is key.

Stress Be Gone Crystal Facial How To:

This stress be gone crystal facial is so amazing, it helps to release the stressful day you took on and helps to calm your mind. For this facial you will need a Howlite, Amethyst and Rose quartz crystal. This crystal energy combination combines peaceful/calming energies to relax the mind, body and spirit, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Anti-Aging Crystal Facial How To:

This ant-aging crystal facial is also phenomenal, it helps to release the stress on your skin and lower the chance of wrinkles. For this facial you will need a 4 Rose quartz crystals. This crystal energy combination combines peaceful/calming while also promoting self love energies leaving you feeling rejuvenated and keeps skin glowing.

Try it out and let me know what you think! 

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