Product Review: Tanceuticals

Hi lovelies! I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to do a product review on my self- tanning experience with Tanceuticals.

I have always been one to never have time to get out for some real outdoor sun so I always tried self-tanners. After years of trying the so called “top” products on the market that supposedly “don’t” make you turn “orange” I was always disappointed that what they were claiming never actually was the correct outcome. After being disappointed time and time again, I started to give up on self tanners because I not only hated the smell but turning streak orange was not my favorite thing to say the least. When I came across Tanceuticles, I was skeptical but after looking at all the reviews and finding out it was an given the Elle Magazine best product product award and seeing how pale my skin was getting, I decided to say; “what the hey”, and give self tanning one final try.

When I went to open the bottles to see what scent I would be dealing with, I took a deep breath to prepare myself and smelled it. To my surprise it was a nice light coconut scent, not over bearing. The scent itself just reminded me of what you would typically apply if you were to use sunscreen and the lotion itself was not a bronze color but actually a white lotion formulation, which I thought was awesome and less intimidating.  

After receiving Tancuticles in the mail I was so excited to see that it was not just one generic bottle of self-tanner designated for your face and body, but rather a dedicated body self-tanner and a designated facial self-tanner, different from what you put on your entire body. I also liked this because there are so many products out there that shouldn’t be applied to your face area as it can clog your pours and cause acne, so I loved that they thought outside of the box for this and made a new dedicated formulation for your face.

The benefits of their face CC self-tanning lotion is with their formula, it’s designed to not only give you a flawless self tan but also improve the appearance and health of your skin. It’s non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores or cause acne! Um, yes please!

I think the coolest thing I thought was unique besides the facial dedicated lotion and the consistency of the actual lotion, was the foam glove called; the Luxurious Tanning Mitt, and luxurious it was! It helps you to apply the product so you are not forced to show the world by your hands that you applied self-tanner. I thought that this accessory was brilliant! 

Overall, I was very happy with my experience with Tanceuticals. Their claims are true, the smell is tolerable and there is no orange going on anywhere! I will say that less is more when first applying the lotion, a little is all you need when you start applying and then you can gradually add more lotion. I was really happy with my results, I was left with a natural mild glow which is what I wanted, I hope you try them and love it as much as I do.  To get your very own Tanceutical self tanner, click here.

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